If your life were a soundtrack, what would the music be?
Here’s how it works:
* open your library (iTunes, winamp, media player, iPod)
* put it on shuffle
* press play
* for every section, type the song that’s playing
* next section — press the next button
* don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool
1. Opening Credits: The Prayer of St. Gregory – Alan Hovhaness
2. Waking Up: Tune Up #1 – RENT
3. First Day at School: Popular – Wicked
4. Falling in Love: The End of the World (As We Know It) – R.E.M.
5. Breaking up: Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson
6. Prom: Mi Morena – Josh Groban
7. Life is Okay: Habanera – Carmen (East Village Opera Company)
8. Mental Breakdown: Place in This World
9. Driving: An American Symphony – Mr. Holland’s Opus (London Symphony Orchestra)
10. Flashback: World – Five For Fighting
11. Getting Back Together: Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye – Beth Nielsen Chapman
12. Wedding: I Want to Know What Love Is – Foreigner
13. Birth of a Child: In This Life – Chantal Kreviazuk (I cheated here because I refused to have it be “Life Support” from RENT)
14. Final Battle: The Last Unicorn – Kenny Loggins
15. Death Scene: The Return of the Animals – Children of Eden
16. End Credits: Make Your Own Kind of Music – Mama Cass
Okay, so this is kind of eerie how it turned out. Look at some of those selections. For those familiar with these songs- look at where they turned out. #3 and #12 amuse me. #8 really is my “mental breakdown” song. It’s the one I turn to when I’m doubting life. #9 really is a great driving song. And #16? Awesome ending credits music.
Y’all should try this, it’s fun. More behind the cut.

Okay, so it’s generally considered to be cheating if you select a playlist before doing one of these, and my ipod shuffle has all my faves on it. So I did it again with my ipod mini. (916 songs vs. 228). The results weren’t nearly as interesting as with the shuffle, but here they are. Can you tell I was bored last night?
1. Opening Credits: Time in a Bottle – Jim Croce
2. Waking Up: Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
3. First Day at School: Weeping – Josh Groban with Ladysmith Black Mumbazo
4. Falling in Love: La Donna e Mobile – East Village Opera Company
5. Breaking up: Think of Me – Phantom of the Opera
6. Prom: The Only Living Boy in New York – Simon & Garfunkel
7. Life is Okay: If God Made You – Five For Fighting
8. Mental Breakdown: If You’re Not the One – Daniel Bedingfield
9. Driving: Ordinary World – Duran Duran
10. Flashback: Only Hope – Switchfoot
11. Getting Back Together: Really Not That Different – Collin Raye
12. Wedding: Hazy Shade of Winter – The Bangles
13. Birth of a Child: What’s It Gonna Be Like? – Jason Ingram Band
14. Final Battle: Do What You Have To Do – Sarah Maclachlan
15. Death Scene: Seasons of Love – RENT
16. End Credits: When You Come Home – Mark Schulz