Am I overreacting?

My roommate picked up a Christmas tree last night. It is so ugly to me that Iím at a complete and total loss as to what to do about it. I mean, itís a tree. Itís fine, thereís nothing specifically wrong with it, a lot of people have very similar trees. But itís wrong. Itís not a Noble fir, itís a Douglas. I really hate those trees. We had one last year, because it was free, and I coukdnít justify getting another one when there was a perfectly good free tree available. But I really hated last yearís tree. Hated it a lot. Swore Iíd never have that kind of tree again.
But then my roommate came home all, ďHey, I got a tree. Oh, and I got a small one because thereís not that much room in there this yearÖĒ And I, being totally surprised, could barely hide my revulsion. I totally appreciate that he took it upon himself to get a tree. I think itís awesome. ButÖ butÖ itís not right.
I feel like Iím making way too big a deal of this. I really do. But I canít help it. I love Christmas. I love decorating the tree and putting gifts under it and sitting in a dark room with just the tree lights on.
I really want to go and get a different tree. But I donít want to be all ďhey, thanks Roommate for getting a tree, but yours sucks and Iím getting a better one, ok?Ē I realize there are way bigger problems in the world, but thatís not really the point here.
Seriously, am I making a mountain out of a molehill here?