Step away from the telephone

This past weekend was the event that I have been working on (with many other people) for the past year. It went about as well as we could have hoped, and we got a lot of compliments. But getting it to go off as smoothly as it did was tiring for those of us working to make it so. I got up to my hotel room Friday night physically drained but wide awake mentally, so I switched on the TV and managed to land on the ABC Family channel. I cannot for the life of me remember what I was watching, but I remember seeing the same commercial several times. It was an ad for a worship CD- Country Worship or something like that- that had all my favorite worship songs performed by various country artists. I was tempted to “have [my] credit card ready and call now!” but I didn’t. Saturday morning ABC Family was showing “Big” so I watched that while I was waiting for my friends to meet me for breakfast, and saw the ad a few more times.
On Sunday, as I was packing up, once again ABC Family was on in my room, and the Lizzie Maguire Movie came on at 11:30. I figured if I hurried up to the car I could be home by my favorite part. But when I got home, it seemed that the hotel was using an east coast feed, as at my house, the Lizzie Maguire Movie wasn’t even starting for 2.5 hours. And somehow I wound up vegging in front of ABC Family all day (Nancy Drew, Lizzie Maguire Movie, Raise Your Voice, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants).
ABC Family shows a lot of commercials that start with “Billy Mays here for ___________” (Billy Mays is the Oxi-Clean guy). Mighty Putty, Vidalia Chop Wizard, Vidalia Slice Wizard, Furi Ozitech Diamond Fingers Knife Sharpener, and several compilation CDs from Time Life. And every time I was like, “that looks cool” or “oooh, that would totally be handy”. In some ways I am marketing person’s wet dream. Except in the way that I didn’t actually buy any of the products.
I still kinda want that one worship CD though…

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  1. Deirdre

    You’d be Marketing’s wet dream if either a) you were far worse with your credit cards or b) you were in a job where they paid you too much.

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