Adventures in Grocery Shopping

I ran to the grocery store on my way home from work tonight. I went specifically for half a rotisserie chicken and some apples, but of course I wandered the aisles and picked up a cartful of other things as well, including the one treat I still allow myself; lemon sorbet. When I was done wandering I headed for the checkout, and ended up in line behind a woman I know from Hillbarn- she’s one of of our premier leading ladies, and we missed her this past season. She and I chatted while she was rung up and paid, and into my groceries being rung in.
As we were chatting, and the checker was ringing, I dug in my purse for my wallet.
Which wasn’t there.
So embarrassing.
I had stuck my wallet in my bottom desk drawer after buying lunch, and forgot to put it in my purse when I left. I had hot food, and the sorbet. Everyone was looking at me, and it was not fun. Thankfully, my office was only a few minutes away, and they can suspend the transaction so all they had to do was bag my stuff and let it wait for me to come back. They put the sorbet back though.
Fast forward 20 minutes or so, when I walk back into the store *with* my wallet. I headed back to the same checkout lane, where I hear “hi Judy!” I look up, and I know I know the couple standing in front of me, but I can’t place them.
“Remember us? Debbie and Dave…”
“Hey. Yeah, I do… I hate to say this, but I can’t remember from where though…”
“First Baptist”
“Oh! Yes! I knew it was either there or my last job… How are you? ”
“We’re good. What was your last job?”
“Oh, I was the assistant to the Vice President of Donor Services for a nonprofit”
By this time they’ve finished paying and getting their groceries bagged, and we moved away from the line a little bit. I explain that I was there earlier but had forgotten my wallet and had had to go and get it.
Since I talk with my hands I held my wallet up as I was talking about it, and I have to admit, I do have a pretty awesome wallet, which I guess looks expensive. I was also dressed pretty well, prompting Debbie to say that it looked like I had done pretty well for myself. She knew me when I was a college student who had just moved out on my own. I was a little bit of a mess back then.
Put a little positive spin on my embarrassing evening. After they left I got back in line and paid for my already bagged and waiting groceries. But why is it that I never see anyone at the grocery store, until the night I do something dumb and then I see three people I really respect?

One thought on “Adventures in Grocery Shopping

  1. Brad

    Ah, but this is the way of the world, Judy. 🙂 If you hadn’t forgotten your wallet, you wouldn’t have seen the couple later… which resulted in compliments, a re-affirming realization that you’ve done well for yourself, and that seemingly intangible “networking” aspect. Noone cares about the can-happen-to-anyone forgetting of the wallet.
    It all happens for a reason. Call it God or Karma or Fate that left your wallet at work, but things are not always random.

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