Ethnic Confusion

A conversation I just had with my friend Dee:
Judy: I’m trying to figure out where I can get samosas for lunch
Dee: LOL!
Dee: any mexican place with a bar
Judy: ?
Dee: You can get Samosas for lunch at any mexican place with a bar
Judy: you can?
Dee: pretty much, they’re not that complicated.
Judy: samosas are indian?
Dee: wait, sorry, yes samosas are a food and indian.
Dee: There is a drink that’s called something really similar
Judy: what were you thinking of?
Judy: Mimosa? Sangria?
Dee: must be Mimosa, but I swear there is one with an S
Dee: (not Sangria)
Judy: hmm. I don’t know
Judy: but I’m totally posting this
Dee: ppbbbttthhh~~~
Judy: 😀

One thought on “Ethnic Confusion

  1. Charlie

    My little boy was born in Germany in 1996, so when he tells people he was born in Long Stool…I have to correct him…it is Landsthul.
    He doesn’t like it when dad points that out.

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