Girl Power

So, Keegan has this project car… it’s a 1987 Lincoln Towncar. It is huge. You could fit three of me in that trunk, and the trunk is the smallest part of the car. Keegan had taken it to a shop to see about getting the transmission fixed. The shop did not want to work on it’s particular idiosyncracies, so we went to pick it up Thursday night. The plan was to reattach a throttle cable and have Keegan drive it home (he’d had it towed to the shop) and I’d follow in Keegan’s other car.
So we got to the shop, and popped the hood so Keegan could reattach the throttle cable, as I stood shining a flashlight over his shoulder. Ultimately he was unable to do it. So we decided to push it onto the street and have AAA tow it back to his house. Did I mention how big this car is? Or that it’s made of 2.5 tons of steel? But, we started pushing it anyway. There was the slightest incline to push it up. When you’re pushing 2.5 tons, even the slightest incline makes your job harder. We had pushed it *maybe* 18 inches, when Keegan yelped, stuck his foot into the car and stepped on the brake, and announced we were done. The car slid back into place and Keegan rolled on the ground in pain. He had done something to his leg, and couldn’t put much weight on it the rest of the night (it was like, 10:30 at this point). I said no, you get in the car and steer/brake, and I’ll push.
So, I pushed. All by myself. In shoes similar to these (they were actually Bisou Bisou velvet slides that I’ve had for like, 5 years so I couldn’t find a picture). I’m pretty proud of that actually. I pushed that car at least 50 feet- forward about 10 feet so Keegan could let gravity back it up and turn the nose toward the street, because it was too long to do it in one turn, then out of the shop lot and onto the street. A guy saw us and helped push for about the last 5-10 feet, which was appreciated, but we had some good momentum built up by then. Then we sat and waited half an hour for a tow truck and I attempted to talk Keegan into calling a doctor about his leg.
As it was, once the car got towed I drove us back to my house and worried about him being able to drive home and made him call me when he got there, since it was his right leg that was hurt. He went to his doctor on Friday and it turns out he tore a muscle in his leg and will be on crutches for at least a week. Which sucks for him. But I am mighty.

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