Blue Thursday

I’m trying to take more pictures, and photo projects are fun, so I’m participating in color week.

upload 034

I really hate thrift stores/resale shops. I mean REALLY hate them. I don’t know why. They’re just not my thing and I can spend about 5 minutes in one before I start getting antsy and have to leave. But a few years ago I went to one with some friends and found this quilt. It is all velvet and is my favoritest blanket ever. (Even more than the comforter in the second “Blue Thursday” pic, and I love that comforter a lot.) When I got it home and washed it, I found a bunch of places where the velvet had gotten thin and there were about 15 little rips and tears I had to stitch up before the blanket was usable. Now I have it dry cleaned so the velvet doesn’t get stressed by the weight of being wet and I don’t get any more rips.

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