– Well, actually hyphens, because I don’t know how to make bullets, but “hyphens” doesn’t make as good a title.
– Last night I had a dream that I had a baby girl and named her Avery. I have no idea where that came from. The baby thing, that I totally get, but Avery??
– Phone books are hard to tear in half. Yes, I did try.
– Every time I see a certain file on my desk I think inside my head “I slapped Weezer Beaudreau!!” from Steel Magnolias.
– I surprised myself today when I typed the following: “One is at that level of HOTTness where you almost can’t stand it, and the other one is so fug you just want to slap the moustache right off his face. It doesn’t work in my brain.”
– the apple cutter/corer is my favorite thing ever. I can’t eat an apple unless it is cut up, and so that thing makes my life so much easier. I have one for home and one for work. I might even have a third one for camping.
– Really, this post is kinda boring, but it’s all you get today.
– Well, until I do Red Friday really really late.