Sweater Song

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I found my favorite sweater recently. It was very exciting. The first time I saw it, I was in the store with Keegan, and I pulled it off the rack and held it up. Keegan made a face and said something like “Nice sweater”, dripping with sarcasm. I put it back, and we left the store.
A few days later, I went back and bought it. Then I wore it to our handbell rehearsal, and when I said hi to Keegan, the following conversation ensued:
K: Hey, I like your sweater [said totally seriously]
Me: No you don’t.
K: Huh?
Me: This is the same sweater you hated at the store the other day.
K: Well, it looked different on the hanger. But I like it.
Me: Well, good. Because I love it.
I always love when the weather gets cold enough to wear it. It’s wool, and it’s a little bit itchy, but it is so warm and comfy… And it’s nice that I have it, because my previous favorite sweater, one I stole from John, years ago, is starting to unravel.