I have gotten my exercise for the day…

There is nothing like starting your day by racing the garbage truck in the pouring rain. I was snoozing the alarm clock, as is my habit, and I heard the garbage trucks out on my street. I then remembered the really full recycling bins in the kitchen last night, and wasn’t completely sure Dau would have taken them out before he went to bed because it was pouring then too.
I leapt out of bed, grabbed the first sweater I could find in the dark, which happened to be the favorite sweater from the previous entry, and threw it on, adding it to the red flannel pants printed with penguins I was already wearing, kicked on a pair of clogs and rushed down to the kitchen, where I found the bins. I ran out into the rain to see if I had missed the recycling truck, but it looked like they hadn’t hit this side of the street yet. I ran into the house, grabbed a bin, and ran back out, put it on the curb, ran back in, almost fell in my wet shoes on the kitchen floor, and then back out into the rain with the second bin.
I figured I should get the garbage can too, which of course, for the first time in about two months had made it into the backyard between garbage pickups, so it was back into the house- wiping my feet really well this time- getting the garbage out of the can in the kitchen, taking it out back, trying to figure out which of the three cans had this week’s garbage in it, and dragging it to the back gate. The back gate that sticks and is held shut with a bungee cord and is a pain in the ass to open. I managed to get the gate open and drag the can through the blackberry vines I’ve been meaning to cut back for months and down the driveway, just as the recycling truck pulled up. But of course it was the yard waste truck, and our yard waste can was still by the patio door next to what what now a morass of wet leaves.
The guy saw me and asked if we had any yard waste, and I just said no. I may have been out in my pajamas in the pouring rain, and I may have actually been slightly enjoying being out in the rain since I wasn’t cold, but I was not up to scooping wet leaves. I went back through and re-bungee’d the gate, locked the patio door, and came back up to my room. It’s before the time I have to be up for work, but there’s no point in going back to sleep, so of course, being the giving person I am, I figured I’d share the story here and then get ready for work.

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