(this turned into a lot of complaining- just a warning)
I’ve sat down to post so many times in the last couple of weeks. And I’d sit with a blank screen as I slowly realized that I didn’t really have anything to say. I read something the other day where the guy said that he and his wife stopped doing their blogs for a while because they realized they were spending way too much time watching other people to get amusing anecdotes to post about, and that they weren’t spending enough times living their own lives for those to be worth posting about. And I realized last night, at about 2 am, that that is how I feel right now.
Not that I spend too much time watching other people live their lives, but that too much lately I have been living my life for other people and not for myself. It seems like everything I do lately, it is because someone needs me to do it, and I’ve become too helpful and too nice for my own good. I’ve spent so much time needing to be needed, that I let myself be needed allll the time and don’t make time for myself or my own life anymore. As I write this, I’ve got a dress I hate in the dryer, getting ready to wear to a wedding today. My friends are having a medieval themed wedding, and so, I’m dewrinkling the dress I haven’t worn in a year because I don’t have time for SCA anymore.
When I get home, I have a scrapbooking workshop I really want to go to, but don’t know if I’ll have the energy for. And I also have lines to learn for yet another show I didn’t audition for. Maybe in October I can have my life back.
But it’s not all bad. Caryn’s wedding is next week, and I am So. Freakin. Excited.
Oh, and Charlotte and I went and saw “40 Year Old Virgin” last night, and HOLY CRAP. I really expected to kind of hate it, but that movie was so funny it hurt. I’m totally buying it on DVD…

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