Those darn kids!

So, cats are totally like kids. You tell them to stop the thing they’re doing that you don’t want them doing, and they whine at you, then keep doing it anyway. I discovered last night that my cat has a middle name. It wasn’t a conscious decision. But last night, I totally two-named* my cat. His name is Julie (yes, *his* name). It is short for Julius. Well, last night, he was scratching at the door, which is a no-no. I put laundry hampers in front of the door at night when I sleep so he doesn’t keep the housemates up all night (or me for that matter), but when I’m in the room, he gets told no, he gets snapped at (finger snaps), he gets squirted with a water bottle- nothing deters this cat. So last night, he was being annoying and scratching at the door -he is jealous of my laptop, and he acts out, just like a child, to get my attention. And at one point, I totally snapped my head up and hissed “Julius Michael!” and he stopped for a minute, but then started back up again ans I sat there and thought, wow, my cat has a middle name. Who knew?
*you know, when kids are in trouble and you call them by their first and middle names

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