Not Feeling It

So once again there are extended silences on my blog… I just haven’t felt like posting. There hasn’t been anything I really wanted to say, and I think I’m just exhausted by the pace life was setting for a while. I’m spending more time at home, spending more time offline, just reading a book or watchng TV and relaxing. I spent much of Labor Day weekend at home not feeling well. I’m hoping once life gets back to normal, i.e. my general balance of work, friends and various extracurricular activities, life will become interesting enough to blog about again.
But for now, I’m feeling rather “blah” in light of my dad’s surgery and that thing that happened that will not be talked about here because Dooce has shown by example that it is a bad idea to talk about such things here, but suffice to say that that thing has made my daytimes far busier than they used to be. I miss blogging, though, so I’m not taking a hiatus or anything, I’m just a little quiet.