Crazy with the busyness

It’s been a really full few weeks. Lots to say but no time to say it, so here are the highlights:
I house/dog sat for two and a half weeks. That’s a really long time to bounce from house to house and bed to bed every other night. But, it made me enough money to afford the trip to Texas for Caryn’s wedding in a few weeks. When my friends paid me, I expected a check. Instead I got a fat stack of cash. I am not too proud to admit that I totally played with it, throwing it up in the air and letting it rain down on my bed like they do in the movies. I did not roll in it, however, I did snap a pic of my cat rolling in it. Then I took it and put it in the bank. (but not before almost losing all of it by leaving my purse in the bar at Outback.)
While I was housesitting, I was desperately trying to get and stay brushed up on the play we did in at the AACT festival back in April, which we performed for Affordable Theater’s third birthday party last Saturday. So, in addition to working 10 hours or so a day, walking a very old dog 3 times a day, I had rehearsal Tuesdays, Thursdays, and one very long Saturday (after which I got to go see Children of Eden, so that was okay). Oh, and also, while housesitting/dogwalking/rehearsing I was trying to read a really tough book and get the embroidery for my friend’s wedding dress done.
So, as you can tell, I’ve had just a few things keeping me away from the blog. Throw in all the stuff that happened today that I can’t talk about because one does not talk about such things on their website if one has learned anything at all from Dooce, and the fact that my dad is in the hospital yet again, well, yeah. I have an excuse for not saying much lately. I’ll be back to my old posting habits when things calm down a bit.

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