A General Gnashing of Teeth

Bleargh. Not having a home computer is making me a little bit crazy. I’m going through withdrawal. The good thing about not having one is that I’ve actually been going to sleep at decent hours. In fact, I am fighting a bit of something, I’ve got a little bit of a cough and was generally feeling feverish over the weekend, and conked out just before 10 on Monday night. Last night I watched The Amazing Race, and went upstairs to read, and promptly fell asleep, to be awakened by the phone at 10:30, then was asleep again by 11. Much better than my usual habit of going to sleep at 12 or 1.
My new laptop will be here tomorrow though! I chose Dell because while I have heard a few negative things about them, I’ve heard a whole heck of a lot of good stuff about them. Enough to far outweigh the bad that I’ve heard. Also, buying under small business (thanks Charlotte!) helped me save quite a few pennies that I could put into some customization. Unfortunately, I’m not so thrilled with their customer service at the moment. I think online order tracking was designed as a 21st century torture device.
My machine got built with a good bit of speed last week, so I was very excited. I called and asked if the quick production time meant I might get it sooner. The woman I talked to said that there was a good possibility that I’d have it by the end of the week, since it had gotten built so quickly. Well, here I was yesterday, seeing that my laptop was sitting in shipping for the 5th straight day, so I called to check. Was told it would ship yesterday. It didn’t. It was listed on order tracking as shipped today, estimated delivery being May 9-11. WTF? I paid for express shipping (that’s how much I was jonesing when I ordered it). So I put in *another* call to Dell customer service, and the guy told me to track the package again with the order number, and according to FedEx it is on its way and will be here tomorrow! I trust FedEx. I don’t trust Dell customer service.
And speaking of paying for stuff and it not being right, two weeks ago I splurged and went to my fufu fancy expensive salon to get a haircut (the keword here being *cut*). I was rushing around and stressed about being ready to leave for my trip, so I didn’t pay super close attention to the finished cut, because I trust my stylist to do a good job. When I was showering the next morning, my hair didn’t feel much shorter, but I dismissed the thought because I was in a rush to get to the airport. But when I was getting ready for the wedding, I realized my hair was still way longer than I wanted it (I had gotten a very expensive *trim*). Being that I was in a different country, there wasn’t much to be done about it at the time.
When I got home, I asked several of my friends over dinner if they had paid $75 for a haircut they weren’t happy with, would they call and complain? and they all said yes. So I called. I *hate* complaining about stuff like that, but it was a lot of money that I couldn’t really afford, so it needed to be right. My stylist seemed to take it in stride, he thought he had done what I asked but was willing to fix it, so he cut it again, showed me, and I said, no, still shorter. So he cut it again. Now, it is maybe a tiny bit shorter than what I was asking for, but my hair is curly and semi-unpredictable about how short it will get when it dries, but I’m now happy with it, and it’s hair. It’ll grow back. And at least now I feel like I got what I asked for for my money, which was short hair.
So tomorrow, when I am playing with my new laptop, with my new short hair falling in my face, I will be a happy person.

3 thoughts on “A General Gnashing of Teeth

  1. Almost Lucid (Brad)

    I’d love to see a picture of it when it arrives. Or, *gasp* a picture of you WITH it. I’d be super excited and impatient too.
    For what it’s worth, it took my Dell desktop over a month to arrive after ordering it. Talk about jonesing for some computer time.

  2. Keegan

    HA! I am typing from Judy’s new laptop as we speak. Hehehehe. I’m installing PShop for her and, since this is her homepage, why I thought I’d check in and see what kinds of havoc I can wreak. :o)

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