Please stand by… We are experiencing technical difficulties.

I’m still here. The last few weeks have been crazy busy, with no end in sight. Work is super busy, so I am forced to contain my blogging to non-working hours (of which there are far too few) and now, I have managed to kill my laptop, and so only have online access at work until its replacement arrives (with any luck that’ll be by the end of this week). There are several half composed posts trapped in the old machine, but I have a technician who is fairly certain he can save my data, and I’ll get those posts finished quickly and give you all some good meaty content to make up for the extended absence. Until then, I leave you with some fluff, but it’s ego building fluff (I hope).
Stolen from Caryn:
Comment here and I’ll tell you something I adore about you. Then post this in your journal, and spread the love. Do it even if we only know each other through this site — it can be even more fun that way!

11 thoughts on “Please stand by… We are experiencing technical difficulties.

  1. Judy

    I love how strong you are. I love how committed you are to children- the ones you work with and the ones you started the Warm Fuzzies Project for. I love how you can somehow turn the thoughts I think into the most eloquently moving words in your blog, without ever knowing that I think them, and I love how real you are- how not afraid you are to be open and vulnerable.

  2. Judy

    Oh gosh Caryn, where do I start? I love that we have so much in common, I love that you understand waiting until marriage. I love that we can talk about *anything*. I love that I can call you at 2am freaking out about something, and you actually listen to me. I love that you can truly understand the stupid mistakes I’ve made with the men in my life. I love that you stand up for yourself when it’s really important. I love that you are so girly and that you bring that out in me. And I’m sure there are a million more things, but my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, so I can’t think of what they are.

  3. Judy

    Brad… I love that you put up with every single one of my stupid questions about technical stuff and that you only laugh at me a little bit for it. I love how much you love your wife and your daughter (and baby 2.0 too). I love that we can have serious conversations or babble away about nothing on IM all day. I love how excited you get about things, whether they are for yourself or for someone else. You are a rarity, and I’m glad I know you.

  4. Judy

    David- I love that you call me all kinds of cute little nicknames in IM. I love that we did “PopeWatch 2005” together, that was hilarious. I love how you stand up for what you believe in by being part of Arkansans for Human Rights. Believe it or not, I actually love that you have fun trying to say things that shock me. It makes me laugh.

  5. Judy

    Michael- I love that you were amused and not put off by that whole “Mike Walsh wants to marry me” thing. I love how you struck up conversations with everyone around us at that concert- i admire your ability to do that. I love how you hold my coat for me when we leave a place. I love that you introduced me to Sushi Rodeo, even if you were in a bad mood that night. I love your willingness to give up a life here to care for your family. I love how we can have long conversations about comic books and TV programs. And I love how you wanted to be in Cirque du Soliel.

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