The 150th post… Now with more librarians!

So I’m finally writing from the new laptop – how perfect is it that this happens to be the 150th post…
It got here last week but I couldn’t play with it right away- working Thursday night and was out on Friday at a fun bachelorette party that involved LOTS of rum and the worst stripper ever. I spent all of Saturday bringing it up to speed with all my old files. That was a tedious and time consuming process. Thanks to Kat and Kelly for helping me restore some music files I lost in the crash. And with yesterday being Mother’s Day, tonight is the first chance I’ve had to really enjoy it, and even tonight I had a ton of things I had to do, but I promised a post so I’m keeping my word.
A lot of my backed up files from the old machine were corrupted, and that includes the half composed posts… but I’ll get those rewritten as soon as I can, plus new fun stories about the weekend. I can’t write about my housemates anymore, because the new ones are web savvy- the scarycrazies weren’t. But there is one story from the weekend that must be told, web savvy housemate or no. Keep an eye out for the story of the rabbit boy.

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