My Ever-So-Technological Parents

I had a conversation with my dad this weekend that I knew I wanted to turn into a post, and a conversation with my mom about a month ago that I’ve been meaning to post, and the time has finally come. I love my parents, but they’re so far behind sometimes that I just have to laugh about it.
In the aforementioned conversation with my dad, he found out that I now have an ipod. He got all indignant about it and said “weren’t you the one who was just talking about making a budget and curbing your spending?” and I said yes I was, and he said that last he heard it still cost money to download music off the internet. (he has seen the napster ads that show 10,000 songs for ipod being $10,000 when you use itunes, and using a different player with napster is $15 per month with unlimited downloads, and incidentally, my dad is like the 3rd person I have had to explain this to) I agreed with him that, yes, downloading music legally costs money, but that I don’t download much music, I ripped all of my CDs to mp3 and put those on my ipod. Then he was all “oh” because he knew he had gotten all self righteous and mad, and had been wrong. I kinda love it when I do that to him, because the man is almost always right about stuff. (sidenote: he gets very amused when I call him and say “You did it again Dad” becaue I have realized something he told me proved to be right)
About a month ago, my mom got her first cell phone. She was playing with it the day it got hooked up, and I got the following call at work:
me: Good afternoon, Law Offices
mom: Good Afternoon (yes, she really says that, every time)
me: What’s up?
mom: I need you to do me a favor
me: I’ll try
mom: I need you to call this number: *gives number*
me: Okay. What is it?
mom: It’s my new cell phone number, but I don’t think it works.
me: Why do you think it doesn’t work?
mom: Because I keep pushing the button but I can’t get a dial tone
me: ………..
mom: Hello?
me: Um, mom… Cell phones don’t have dial tones. You dial the number then hit send.
mom: Oh, then it probably works fine. Let me try that and I’ll call you back.
*we hang up, and a minute later the phone rings again*
me: Good afternoon, Law Offices
mom: Yeah, it works. Thanks. Bye.
*I shake my head and immediately call Tara to relate the story to her and we have a good laugh at how funny my mom is.*

2 thoughts on “My Ever-So-Technological Parents

  1. David Quinn

    Too freaking funny on the Mom story. That is so sad. My mother still doesn’t understand why if it’s dark outside she is charged Daytime Minutes.

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