Holy Water Pressure Batman

This morning I took my first shower in the new bathroom. (Yeah, you know the one that’s mine mine all mine? Yeah, that bathroom) And the first thing I noticed was the water pressure. It actually has some. The shower in the other bathroom doesn’t have much at all. I remember when I moved to this house, that was one of the first “oh crap” signs. But I got used to it. So this morning the blast of water surprised the heck out of me. But it also made me very very happy, and almost made only getting four or so hours of sleep because the cat was flipping out worth it.
In other news, I know I said I’d be posting some stories. I’m trying, I really am, but lots of busyness has fallen on my head that has next to no turnaround time, so please forgive me. The good news though is that this situation just made my mom’s month because I called and “needed her”. I needed some reassuring of the kind that only my mom can give me. I didn’t want to admit it for a long time, but my mom truly is my biggest fan, and she loves it when I call because I really need to just talk to her.

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