taking it as a challenge

I had the following conversation with a friend over AIM last week. This is a friend I met through blogging, so there is a lot about me he doesn’t know.
me: have I ever told you I used to want to be an x-ray technician?
him: no
him: that’s interesting
me: yeah, I did til I was about 20
me: but I gave dental xrays in the Philippines and the chemicals made me sick, so I didn’t want to anymore
him: ha! the shit that comes out of your head cracks me up. You should seriously blog more.
me: what? how does that crack you up?
him: I mean, really, who does dental x-rays in the Philippines?
me: umm, missionaries?
him: you were a missionary in the Philippines?
him: I didn’t know that.
me: umm, not really, no
me: I went on a missions trip
me: I was there for 18 days
him: ah. spreadin’ the good word?
me: yeah
me: it was a long time ago, back in my “gung-ho for Jesus” days
him: cool.
me: thats where the baby in the orphanage item in my “10 things I’ve done you probably haven’t”
So, I’m taking that conversation as a bit of a challenge. I’ve got a list of stories I want to tell you all, that I just haven’t gotten around to writing up. My goal is to get one story posted at least every other day (maybe not this week, as there is a ton going on, but I’ll do my best).
The list so far:
– Falling out of a tree and having the ER triage nurse think I tried to kill myself.
– Falling in love with a baby in a Philippine orphanage and wanting to smuggle her home in my suitcase.
– Learning how to deliver a baby at home.
– Having a woman in McDonald’s think my best friend was my daughter.
– The cakefight
– removing a friend from my life
– in trouble after lunch in elementary school
– AOL chat scare
– my mom and technology
– coyote in AZ
Any requests as to what you’d like me to tell first? If there is anything else I’ve briefly mentioned in a post somewhere that you’d like backstory on, leave it in comments.

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