Bad Friend, No Birthday Cake!

Last year I was a month early remembering my best friend’s birthday. This year, I did not forget her birthday, I just kept forgetting to call her, which is not the same thing. I even set an outlook reminder to “Call Erica if you haven’t already!”. It popped up when I got to work, but she was at work so I decided to wait until the afternoon to call her. I left work early because I had an appointment, and was fixated on that, so forgot to call her. I went to the movies, and got out a few minutes after 11. She’s usually asleep by then, but I looked at the clock in my car and mentally screamed “Crap!!” and picked up my phone and dialed her.
Erica: Hello (I love how she says it, she says “Huh-lay-oh”. She has caller ID so she knew it was me)
Me: I have 49 minutes! I swear I didn’t forget! It’s 11:11, I have 49 minutes before I officially forgot to call you on your birthday!
Erica: It’s okay
Me: But I didn’t forget! All day I’ve been thinking that I needed to call you, but at the times I actually could have I forgot!
So we chatted for a bit, she had a really good birthday, so that was good. Then I hung up on her when my cell phone battery died, and I don’t actually *know* her phone number, so I couldn’t call her back from my landline. Oops.