I never thought I’d post about politics here…

Last nights dream was, um… interesting. Normally I could give a rip about politics, and my voting strategy *seriously* tweaks some people out. (My boss, our paralegal, Caryn’s boyfriend James…) So the fact that I had dreams about the upcoming presidential election seems very out of place for me.
It started with me at my computer actually… I was reading blogs, and reading Brad’s page, wherein he had posted that he had been in a TV commercial. I IMed him and asked about it, whether it was a local or national commercial, yadda yadda, and he said it was just a local thing. I thought little of it after that, but then a few days later I was watching TV, and there was Brad. There were several clips of him smiling, with his bike, in his blue MS-150 jersey. Then it showed him sweating and headed for a shower. Then it switched to his wife, who was in this little area surrounded by tables, but the tables were upright on their ends, so that the tabletops made a vertical wall around her, obscuring most of the view of her- all I could see was her head. She was dancing with someone, I assumed it was Brad, but then, no, it was an elephant. Then candidate names popped up on the screen: “Escuelo/Downey 2004” and I realized it was an ad for a presidential campaign. And I was trying to figure out why the heck Brad would be endorsing these candidates.
And as I was trying to figure it out, Laura Bush came and sat next to me, and commented that it was a good commercial. And I said, “Yes, but those were my friends in that commercial, and I’m not sure why they’d be endorsing Escuelo… He’s always been in Kerry’s favor.” And Laura Bush just kind of looked at me funny, and I was like “What? I’m not going to lie to you just because of who you are. I don’t support your husband either.” Then all of a sudden it dawned on me that I was at some kind of garden party in *support* of Bush. And then Mrs. Bush and I proceeded to have a discussion on exactly why I didn’t support her husband and his policies. I came up with some good points too, and had a lot more passion than I usually have about politics in my daily life. The only thing I really remember that I said was that my support of Kerry had nothing to do with party affiliation, and that if Bush’s policies were different, if I really thought he was the best choice for our country, that I would vote for him, but, well, things are how they are and I just can’t support that. She didn’t try to change my mind. She said my points were well thought out, and while she didn’t agree with me, she said my reasons for coming to my decision were valid ones.
It was about then that I woke up. I don’t think much about politics, as I said before, and I actually had to stop and really think about whether or not I had voted in the last presidential election. I did, and I voted for Gore, but I remember not knowing who I was going to vote for, because I had serious issues with both candidites, and frankly, had I thought there was a viable alternate choice I probably would have voted for him rather than vote for either Bush or Gore. This time the choice is much more clear, and apparently I’ve given it more thought than I’d realized.

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