I wrote this part Saturday while waiting to audition:
At auditions blogging from my phone. There’s a guy behind me practicing his song under his breath. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t be doing the same thing. But I figure, if you don’t know your song cold by now, no amount of singing it right before you go in there is going to help. It’s so nerve-wracking to wait. Number 49 is in there now, and I’m number 53.
Saturday again- after I sang but before the dance audition:
Okay, the song went really bad. I feel so out of place here- I haven’t auditioned for a musical in 10 years. I’m sitting in the green room waiting for a big enough group to do the dance audition. Everyone brought clothes to change into for the dance segment. Me, I forgot there would be dance and am in jeans an flip-flops. Part of me wants to just go home, I know the song sucked and why even bother, but I’m not a quitter and I’m not going to run away.
I wrote this part Monday morning:
I bombed the audition. I was fine until I got into the theater. I handed my music to the accompanist, and said my name and the song I’d be performing, and as soon as the music started I started shaking. I got lost a couple of times and my volume was all over the place. I think I finished well, but he beginning of the song was awful, and I was so nervous I just stood there, and couldn’t get the expression of feeling behind the words and the notes.
The dance part of the audition wasn’t so bad, as the first half of it was waltzing, and I already know how to do that. I would have done better at that if my partner had been better, but oh well. The modern dance segment was a mess, but I didn’t wory about it much as most of the modern dance stuff would only be being performed by the Green People (living scenery). Sure, had I done well enough to get the part of Martha, my songs would have had some sweeping movements, and a little bit of dancing, but nothing like the piece we were doing for the audition. If I got cast as a Dreamer, all their dancing is waltzing.
I didn’t get called back. Oh well. I’m going to try to tech the show, maybe do lights or follow-spot or something. Maybe someday I’ll get to be *in* Secret Garden. This was probably my last chance at my dream role, because I’m already too old to play Martha really, but I could be happy with another part.

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  1. Ashley

    Don’t let it get your hopes down. I’m pretty sure auditions here are just as hard as finding any sort of job…
    So basically, it’s a job in itself. And California is pretty much the theatre capital of the country. NYC is totally second place.

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