The Pace of Life

I had a great weekend. I flew to Austin to finally get to meet Caryn, and despite my nightmare, she did not in fact go to Oklahoma without me. Kat and Rasee were just as wonderful in person as they are online, and Chet, Derek and Chris were cool people too. We had such a fun time Saturday night. And when we got home on Sunday her sister had us over to dinner, and she is a great cook- she even made a green bean casserole that I actually liked (my sister Anne’s is inedible). There will be more details about the weekend (the Saturday night blogger party especially) when I have the pictures back to go with them.
I just wish my trip hadn’t been so rush-rush-rush-go-go-go the whole time. It would have been nice to have some downtime, since my real life seems to be running at about 200 miles per hour lately. All in all it was a great trip that I’d do again. When Caryn comes to visit me I’ll have to make sure there is a lot more leisure time.