Color my World

About 6 weeks or so ago, there were cops all over my house, because of T. About 2:30 am that same night, there was a loud explosion that seemed like it came from the side of our house. Turned out someone had thrown a cherry bomb into our driveway, and the explosion caused a good bit of paint to come off of out garage door. Now, the paint is peeling BADLY at my house to begin with. I’ve been saying since I moved in that it’d be a nice house if the exterior was maintained better.
Well, two nights ago, I heard a boom just like the one six weeks ago, but it sounded farther from our house. Last night, I pulled into the driveway at about 10 pm, to paint chips all over the driveway, planters pulled away from the house, and more paint chips on the ground along the side of the driveway, and the barbeque on the side patio smoking. I was slightly freaked out. I went inside, and Dau was in the kitchen. I asked what the heck had happened to the house and he said there had been more cherry bombs. I just stared at him, and he was like, “I’m just kidding!”
Turns out our landlord is going to have our house painted, and they power washed it yesterday. When I left for work this morning the painters were just starting to arrive. I’m curious as to what color my house will be when I get home tonight. After four years of living in a brown condo with teal trim, its nice to think that I now live in a house that is a different color than the ones next door and across the street.

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  1. Judy

    Well, currently the house is peach with maroon trim, so its not much better… I’m hoping they’ll paint it a nicer color, right now it looks awful, because they power washed it and there’s bare wood exposed everywhere…

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