One of those times I’m glad I’m not psychic (or is that psycho?)

Holy Crap. According to my body, it’s 6:20 in the morning. According to the clock here, it’s 8:20. I’m sitting at Caryn’s computer, she and James are still asleep. Our first meeting was great, HUGE hug in baggage claim, and she brought me flowers and these adorable snail ballons- they’re really funny. We chattered away on the drive to her house, with a quick stop at James’ so he could pick up some socks (Socks! Socks? It’s waaaay too hot here to wear socks!). It rained, and there was lightning and thunder. It rained like it does in the movies, where you’re soaked in the time it takes to get from the front door to the car. It doesn’t rain like that in the Bay Area.
I think my subconcious is trying to get the better of me. I just had the most horrible dream. It was one of those dreams where you dream you’ve woken up, and so your brain convinces you that what is happenng in your dream is really happening. I dreamed that all these people kept showing up at Caryn’s house, aunts and uncles and cousins and exboyfriends, and Caryn decided we should go to England instead of Oklahoma.
Then she and James left for Oklahoma without me. (this right here should have tipped me off that it was a dream, that I was suddenly in the field by my parents’ house, which is very definitely not in Texas) When I finally got them to answer a cell phone, Caryn was very cold. They came back, grudgingly, to the house where they had left me with her family, and she called Kat to say “We’re not coming. Well, James and I might still come, but Judy is going home.” And then she called the airline to change my flight, and I was crying and her uncle was saying “I knew this was a bad idea, but I was willing to handle you going to Oklahoma. But you start talking about going to England, that’s another story entirely”. I couldn’t get her to look at me, I couldn’t get her to tell me why she was doing this.
Then, I opened my eyes and realized I was still in bed, in Caryn’s very lovely guest bedroom, and that I had been dreaming. I think I was so convinced it was real becasue I never remember my dreams, so of course it didn’t even occur to me that it was a dream while I was having it (and I have managed to make that distinction while dreaming before, “oh, this is a dream, okay” kind of thing. But this one was truly horrifying, and one I was glad to wake from.

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  1. keegan

    HA! First post. You’re a NB. (I’m not allowed to say the word) Glad you made it safe. I always forget about Texas rain. I miss it. Sounds like your subconscious is just working out some anxiety.

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