Meeting the Bloggy-friends

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I spent a very pleasant Saturday evening in the company of some of my favorite bloggers. Ever since Tara and Matt moved to Seattle, I have not known in person any of my bloggy friends. I am happy to say all that changed Saturday night. I’m not sure what I can say about it that hasn’t already been said by all the others but I’ll try… Others have told of the people, I’ll tell of the party.
I got there at about 10 to 6. I figured I was right on time. Turns out I was the last to arrive. But hey, who’s complaining? “Judy’s here, let’s get this party started!” I gave Brad and Jen the gift I had made for them/Zoey, and they seemed to be pleased with it, so that was nice. Seemed I was the only one who had brought meat to throw on the grill, so Remy and Brad made a trip to the store. (And they brought me back Smirnoff Green Apple Twisted) While the were gone, Dan got the fire going.
Brad and Remy returned from the store without the bread bowl Jules had requested. There was much mourning over this, until we just put the spinach dip in a bowl. Brad manned the grill for the brots and the chicken, then Remy cooked the steaks. An impromptu table was set up because there was more food than table space. After we ate we retired to the Tiny Tiki for some good conversation, some paparazzi impersonations, and some incredible lemon bars… We talked about sites and writing and life and other stuff that I don’t remember because apparently I was busy being bubbly and was having my brain fried by digital camera flashes in the dark garden.
Dan and Kelly had to leave way too soon, to tend to Cosmo, so we commenced with the group picture taking, and the hugging, and the goodbye saying. All in all it was a very very enjoyable evening that I would not hesitate to repeat.