Approaching Critical Mass

I’m going to a concert with Charlotte on Wednesday. I’m a little worried that she may explode. She has had quite a lot of excitement over the last few days, and she’s only 4’9” so there’s only so much excitement that such a tiny body can hold.
I’ve mentioned before that she is the biggest Alanis Morrissette fan known to man. We’re going to see Alanis and the Barenaked Ladies at Shoreline tonight. That in and of itself is cause for her excitement level to exceed capacity. I mean, we all remember what happened the day Alanis’ new CD was released…
Thing is- Charlotte also bought her dream car last Friday. And when I say dream car, I mean dream car. She has wanted a Volkswagen beetle since she was like, 7. And since the new beetles came out, she has wanted one of those. (Her son, who is almost seven, learned his colors via “the buggy-bug”. He would point and yell “Buggy Bug!” and we’d say, “what color is it?” and he’d yell “Blue!” (because in the beginning of his color learning everything was blue) and we’d say “no, that’s Green” or “No, that’s purple”. I tell that story to illustrate the depth of the obsession.) A few years ago, Keegan had a new beetle (but he has since gone back to his one true love, the Volvo) and she got to drive it once. I seriously thought she was going to have an aneurysm from the excitement. Ever since 1999, she has wanted a 2000 Limited Edition Beetle in Vapor Blue. And on Friday she bought one. Again, little-body-excitement-capacity reached near critical overload.
I’m a little worried that the combination of *driving her new car* to a concert to see *Alanis* will by far exceed her capacity for excitement and she may just burst into lots of little tiny excited bits.
And little tiny excited bits are hard to clean off a leather interior…

2 thoughts on “Approaching Critical Mass

  1. Keegan

    I let her drive the beetle? lol Funny the things you remember and forget over time. All I remember about that car is being completely obsessive over who drove it. I do remember letting you drive it to my new place in stupid Milpitas and having serious thoughts about making you drive the rental van to spare my clutch. 🙂

  2. Judy

    It was the night we had to push her metro from Target to the parking lot of her mom’s office. We took turns driving the beetle and pushing, because we all kept getting tired. You let me drive it a few times, but you made me change my shoes once because you didn’t want me driving it in clogs.

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