Living the Dilbert Life

Until you’ve worked for a large corporation, you just can’t fully appreciate and relate to the humor in the Dilbert cartoon strips. For example, today, I got an e-mail from one of our VP’s about the status of our merger. “In the first edition of our joint OldCompany/MergeCompany Integration Newsletter – please find a few answers.”
You’ll have to take my word on this, but there were no new developments or even tidbits of info on the status of the merger. Let alone a “few” answers. In fact, the first three are verbatim regurgitations of press releases issued months ago!
I used to get really upset when I would see stuff like this, but that was when I first started here and had never worked for a large corporate organization. The fascinating thing is that, the more people here (including me) seem to embrace “Big Brother”, the more benefits we seem to reap.
Anyway, we’re not quite at the point of sending memos regarding memos, but I do keep the new TPS Report cover sheet on my desk as a way to stay grounded. And, yes, I got that memo.