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Well, I’m back from my trip. On the whole, I am quite pleased with PK’s performance as a guest blogger, though I did make one minor change to his final entry and warned him that you never mention the company you work for by name. Tales of my trip are forthcoming, and while even though mostly all I did was sleep and swim, there is the story of how I could have broken my leg and the story of how I came close to slicing my hand open. But I’ll tell those stories another day, because today’s story is of how I had dinner with PK yesterday, came to hate him with a fiery passion, and by the end of the night was $200 poorer but the happiest Judy I have been in forever. (oh, and loved PK again, don’t worry)
We were sitting at dinner, me having just returned from the salad bar, when PK looks at me and says “Guess who has a new laptop?” (or something like that, the actual words were lost in the blinding hatred that followed) I froze. Fork midair, staring at him. He went on to say that his company was retiring some, and its always good to have an in with your IT guy. Still staring, fork lowering slowly to plate, I just didn’t know what to say to him. Told him I hated him and demanded explanation. Not two weeks ago, we were at Fry’s, me desperately needing a new computer, needing him to keep me from buying one. He said he’d keep an ear out at work. And here he is with a new laptop?? Then he drops the second bomb. Not only is it a free laptop, it’s a PC. PK is a mac guy, because of his photography and art stuff. I’m the PC user stuck in hell with the antique mac laptop (which, yes, was free from my job a few years ago). I asked if there were any more, if he could hook me up, told him to pass an offer from me to the IT guy (which I am not repeating here and PK if you tell anyone I will hurt you) and finally offered PK cash and all three of my old computers in trade for his new machine. That was mostly desperation talking, I was only half serious, but he agreed. Yes! He. Agreed.
So here I sit, on my bed, on the 4th of July, waiting for my roommate to get out of the shower so I can get in there and get on with my 4th of July plans, using the most wonderful computer ever to grace any home of mine! PK is my hero.

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  1. PK

    Well, I’m glad you’re enjoying your new toy. As promised, I won’t mention the ______ that you _______ my ________ since you are reportedly a Class A ________ .
    Hey, anyone up for MadLibs? 🙂

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