Slice ‘o Heaven

Normally, I make it a habit not to be up before 7am, but today I have to make up hours at work since I have a class during the day and another one in the evening. So, as a treat to myself for A) having to get up at an unGodly hour and B) being able to take 101 into work since traffic is reasonable before 6am, I stopped off at the Mountain View Krispy Kreme store. Most of the time I take I-280 which helps me avoid the temptation, but again, given the early hour of my departure, It’s faster to take 101–stop off or not.
What I’m going to say next won’t make much sense if you A) don’t like sweets and/or donuts B) haven’t ever had a Hot Krispy Kreme in the morning and C) do not like enumerated lists, so forgive me. All I have to say is, after I pulled out of the drive through and got in the left turn lane to get back onto Rengstorff, the man in the car next to me flashed me a look of utter fear and disgust and then wouldn’t look back over no matter how loud I moaned.
“But officer, it was a donut!”