Kickbacks ROCK!

I’ve accepted the fact that I sold out years ago when I started working for a tech firm. I’ve given into Big Brother. And I don’t care. Of course, I’m just admin but still, I’m tech admin.
The firm is a Certified Microsoft partner and so they send us little suck-up gifts to the contacts that manage the partner programs. HP is another one. Well, recently we’ve been losing some of these people through layoffs from a merger and through attrition. Since these positions are being eliminated, some of these suck-up gifts literally have no home.
I can’t bear to return them since I was brought up that you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. So, today I got a 128MB USB Flash Disk and a Namco TV Game that includes two of my all-time favorite arcade games: Dig Dug and Pac Man!
I remember the day we got our Atari 2600 as though it were yesterday. Mom told me we were getting a new Atari one spring afternoon when she picked me up from second grade after I’d had a really bad day. She was always cheering me up like that and it always worked. Later that week, we went to a small store (much like Radio Shack, but way less cheesy/corporatey) and got our Atari system. I can’t remember if it came with PacMan or if we paid extra for it, but we also got Pitfall! and, later, Dig Dug. (I have all of those old Activision games now on my Mac G4).
If I didn’t have school tonight, I’d be leaving early to go home and play!