And now, for something completely surreal…

This weekend was hugely productive. I got my den cleaned out & organized. I now have an enlarger station and am ready to start developing prints in my house. (For those of you who do not know, I am ramping up my photography business and will soon be opening a Yahoo! Store.) I even managed to squeeze in a trip to The City to see the madness that is SF Pride. So, by Sunday afternoon, I was exhausted and needed a break.
As I was surfing through the channels, I got to VH1’s “Surreal World” where Ron Jeremy, Tammy Faye (Formerly) Bakker, Vanilla Ice, Eric Estrada and Trishelle from MTV’s Real World Las Vegas were all sitting around a hot tub discussing religion and the hereafter. So we have a p*rn star, an evangelical star, a rap star, a TV cop show before there were TV cop shows star and a reality TV star discussing life after death (a supermodel and Gary Coleman later joined the mix). This is, in and of itself, surreal, especially when you consider that all of the aforementioned stars have all been firmly planted six feet under.
Then, picture the group above sorting out sleeping arrangements in a house with only four bedrooms, one of which had three twin beds (Gary only had a guest spot so just six in the house). In the midst of this, the supermodel finally comes home and starts complaining about the color and shape of the Jacuzzi tub! Gary Coleman actually appeared in the next episode where they put the housemates to work at Mel’s Diner. What I would have given to be part of that scene! I finally had to turn off the television completely because I knew if I kept watching I would just stay there and not get anything else done.