Turn of Events

I went to Victoria’s Secret at lunch today. I learned that you should never attempt to go to Victoria’s Secret on your lunchbreak when the Semi-Annual Sale is going on, and there are lots and lots of teenage girls just out of school for the summer.
I managed to find what I was looking for and got in the really long line, all the while looking at the clock on my cell phone, praying I’d get back to work on time. As I waited in line, I glanced around the store at the various displays. I was in the section that has all the body sprays and lotions and makeup stuff. And as my eyes scanned the wall of fragrances, it stopped at the display for Victoria’s Secret’s new “PINK” line. All of the perfume boxes had one letter on each side, so it read “P-I-N-K” as you turned it. So all the boxes in the display were lined up and turned properly so that each set of four boxes read “PINK”.
But on all but the top shelf, someone had turned the first box of each set of four, so that all the sets in the display read “KINK”.