A Celebration of Dads – a post in two acts

Act One – My Own Dad
While I love both of my parents very very much, and know that I wouldn’t have made it through a lot of rough patches in life without the both of them, and while as an adult I’m probably closer to my mom, as Daddy’s Little Girl, Father’s Day has always been very significant. When I was younger, my mom didn’t understand me- the tomboyish younger daughter who roughhoused with my dad, yelping in (usually mock) pain then going back for more (and more and more and more) even after the day he accidentally broke my toe- hey, it *was* and accident and he felt so bad about it that he waited on me and catered to my every whim for the entire thansgiving weekend.
This year has been a tough one with my dad. He’s been in and out of the hospital several times, had a triple bypass in February and two toes removed (Diabetes complications) in April. My sister and I are going over today to spend the day with him. Usually we take him out to lunch and a movie, sometimes we’d go to the beach- I wanted to take him fishing today, but he’s still wheelchair-bound from the foot surgery and isn’t supposed to really be leaving the house yet, so instead, we’re taking over a DVD of Return of the King, making popcorn, and eating burritos.
I love you Daddy!
Act Two – Other People’s Dads
Seems I am in the phase of my life where almost all of my friends are having babies. Some of these men have been fathers for a couple of years already but are celebrating a first Father’s Day with a new little one: Brian (already dad to Sadie and Elise) gets to celebrate this year with 7 month old Noah too, and Micah (already dad to Abbie) gets to celebrate with 4 week old Andrew.
Then there is the slew of friends, new and old, celebrating their first Father’s Day. There’s Derek, celebrating with 6 month old Raymie, Sean, celebrating with 5 month old Joshua, Steve with 3 month old Sophia, Joe with 8 month old Remington, and then there are all the Brads, with their crop of future Daddy’s Girls- Brad S. with 2 month old Alice, Brad C. with three week old Raylie, and the other Brad C. with 10 month old Zoey. That’s a whole lotta babies people!
And of course, wishes of a happy father’s day to some of the best dads I know, even though they’ve been dads a long time (one of whom is even a Grandpa)- Matt N., Scott E., Eddie O., Brian K., Ernie F. (who did a fabulous job raising my best friend), Ken H., Manny, and Dale G.
And lastly, a great big hug to those friends of mine whose dads are no longer here to celebrate with them (for whatever reason)- I won’t list your names here but you know who you are.

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