Misheard Lyrics

This was part of the birthday weekend too, but deserved its own post.
Sunday night I called PK to see if he wanted to go have dinner, since I wasn’t settled enough yet to have food in the house. So we went out, had a nice dinner, then we headed back to his house where I had left my car. As we pulled out of the parking lot of the restaurant, Men at Work’s “Down Under” came on on the CD player. Normally PK doesn’t like people singing along in his car, but I was doing it anyway. And it got to the chorus, and I sang “Do you come from a land down under?” and then the conversation went like this:
PK:Is that what they’re saying?
Me: Are you kidding me?
PK: I never knew what they were saying.
Me: (laughing hysterically) Shut up, you’re such a brat
PK:” I thought they were saying Under wonder.
Me: what the hell is an Under Wonder? The song is called Down Under, how could you not know what they were saying??
Then we both giggled for most of the way back to his house. Priceless.

3 thoughts on “Misheard Lyrics

  1. dan

    what do you mean, what the hell is an “under wonder?” I’m not allowed to demonstrate on a public site, but if you need me to draw you a diagram, I can find some body paints….

  2. PK

    I wanna see that! Hey, if you listen to the song, it’s not as if they’re enunciating everything. Anyway, I think an “Undah Wondah” is cooler sounding than a “Land Down Under”.

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