Birthday Weekend Goodness

Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes on Friday. My birthday was good. Friday night I went to dinner and a movie with Lolly, and our waiter at dinner was a guy I was friends with in college (who I want to set PK up with). The we went to go see Mean Girls, which was cute but not quite what I expected.
Saturday was the best day though. In the morning PK and I drove out to Santa Cruz to have breakfast at Zachary’s. YUMMY food, and the waiter wasn’t bad either. Then we went down the street to a jewelry store so I could see a ring that I’d seen in an ad and fallen in love with. He pretended to be my fiance so I wouldn’t look weird looking at engagement rings alone. I told him once that I had always wanted to go engagement ring shopping at Tiffany’s, Just to do it, just because every girl loves Tiffany’s, and he said he’d take me. But instead of Tiffany’s we went to this place. The ring was just as pretty in person, and even though I tried on a bunch of rings (one of which was $15,000) I kept going back to the one that had brought me to the store. PK tried on some wedding bands too, and found a couple of really nice ones.
But then the moment came. The amazing moment that I will never forget (well at least not until I have a ring of my very own from a real engagement). The saleslady looked at us and said “I trust you, go ahead and take it outside and look at it in the sun. I mean, the ring was gorgeous in the store, but the second the sun hit it it was dazzlingly beautiful. We stood there on the sidewalk for a minute, then went back inside. PK looked at the saleslady and said “Do you have some water? I think she might hyperventilate”. I didn’t, but I am so in love with that ring. Maybe someday…
I was hoping to be able to see Jules while we were in Santa Cruz, but our scedules just didn’t manage to mesh. Oh well. It would have been fun, but there’s always another time.
Then we went back to PK’s, and I went home to unpack a bit, he cleaned house, and at 5 I was back at his place for a birthday BBQ. That was way fun. Of course, PK’s parties always are. This one was a little less rowndy than the last one though…

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  1. Caryn

    omg. that was soooo cool of the sales lady to let you look at it outside…. and that ring is, by far, my favorite of the ones you showed me.

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