Productive Weekend

When I moved 3 weeks ago, I brought with me an embarrassing amount of stuff, a good 2/3 of which I haven’t seen in 5 years because it’s been in the garage or the attic. I spent most of the weekend going through boxes, sorting into garbage, recycle, yard sale and keep boxes. I’m pleased to report that while my little packrat heart has made me want to keep more stuff than I really need to, I’m averaging one yard sale box per keep box, and a couple of the keep boxes are smaller than their corresponding yard sale box, so I think I’m doing okay. This is the easy purge, the stuff I know I don’t need or want or care about. I’ll have to do a second, more emotionally vicious purge later, but I’ll easily have a mega ton of stuff for the yard sale next week.
But by far, the most awesome thing this weekend produced? Wasn’t even anything I did. It was this:


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