Tidbits (not to be confused with “Timbits” mentioned later in this post)

Bad way to start the morning:
Do a load of towels before you go to bed.
Stay up later than you want to waiting for the washer to finish so you can put the towels in the dryer and have clean towels for your shower in the morning.
Wake up in the morning, go to get clean towels out of the dryer.
Discover that you forgot to turn the dryer ON.
Good way to start the morning:
Loathe the idea of stepping on the scale because you think you’ve gaiuned a few pounds back.
Get up the guts to step on the scale and see a much smaller number than you were expecting (yay!)
Boys are funny:
(scene: BJ’s Brewhouse, hanging out after a couple of PHA games. We’ve taken over three booths in the bar and people keep bouncing around between tables. My purse ended up on the far side of the table from where I was sitting, between Timbits and his friend. I pick up on a conversation of what seems to be them trying to figure out whose purse it is)
Friend: There’s a DVD…
Timbits: Some NASA thing with Susan Sarandon?
Me: Oh, that’s my purse. That’s a documentary about Christa McAuliffe, the teacher who died on the Challenger. It’s excellent. Carly Simon contributed a lot of music.
Timbits: So… Teacher, Susan Sarandon, Carly Simon. So it’s a chick flick.
Me: Um, no, it’s a DOCUMENTARY.