3rd time is the charm

I actually really love our coffee pot at work. It brews into a steel carafe that keeps the coffee hot all morning, without the need for a warming burner. And it has a piece in the top that lets you pour some coffee while it’s still brewing, without spilling coffee everywhere. When you forget to put that piece in? The filter collapses, and grounds and coffee go everywhere but into the carafe.
Yup. I did that this morning.
Thankfully my coworker caught it quickly, I got it cleaned up with minimal damage, put the piece back in, topped off the water, stuck in a new filter, and hit “brew”.
As soon as the pot beeped I jumped up, since I actually have a client waiting on that coffee. I poured the cup, but instead of being rich and dark, it was really watery, like tea. “WTF?” I thought.
Notice anything I forgot in that last set of brewing?
If you said “coffee grounds” you get a gold star. The 3rd pot of coffee is now brewing. I’m pretty sure I did it right this time. Which would be really nice for the client who is *still* waiting for his coffee…

One thought on “3rd time is the charm

  1. Heather

    This is exactly why I am SO glad there is a guy here who comes in early every day and starts the coffee. Especially since I don’t drink it, I KNOW I would be doing it wrong all the time! 🙂

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