Why old friends are the best

Tara: WOW. I just rediscovered a band I haven’t really listened to since maybe 1998
me: oh yeah? who is that? Seven Mary Three?
Tara: Sponge
me: ah, cool
Tara: no, I still listen to 7m3… I come back to them every two years or so and realize they’ve released a new album
Tara: I ripped the “mallrats” cd to my computer on saturday (oh yeah, iPod #2 took a massive dump) and was listening to the Sponge song on there
Tara: related, sorta: “zack and miri make a porno” is HO-LARIOUS
me: was the HO there intentional? 🙂
Tara: as in “huh-larious”
me: 🙂
Tara: I mean, it’s about as dirty as it can get and still have an R rating, but worth the watch
me: am I going to see parts of Seth Rogen that I don’t really want to see?
Tara: actually, you don’t see much of Seth Rogen
Tara: you do end up seeing an awful lot of Jason Mewes though (as in Jay from Jay and Silent Bob)
me: ooooh… uhhhhh… how much of Jason Mewes?
me: and am I going to like him in this movie? I detest Jay
Tara: um, just about all of him, if not actually all of him
Tara: he’s not really a Jay in this movie but he is kind of a freak
me: I… wow. OK. There might have to be alcohol involved
Tara: as in, yes, you actually see his peepee
me: hee!
me: you said peepee
Tara: that was the point
Tara: I think you will be surprised. It is actually a surprisingly cute movie.
Tara: (and stay through the credits.)
me: OMG
me: I read that and thought you were going to say it was a surprisingly cute peepee
Tara: oh LAWLLL!
me: to which I was going to have to scream just alittle
Tara: /dies
me: hee!
me: I’m so putting this on my blog!