Criminal Musings

Driving home from our last Tuesday skate before she and her husband move to North Carolina, I see the sign for Dee’s exit and have to book it into the exit lane:
Me: Crap, I need to get over!”
Dee: You’re fine, you have a ways
Me: I was auto-piloting home
Dee: Well that’s a bigger problem. But I would have said something.
Me: Or I could kidnap you and then you couldn’t move away
Dee: It doesn’t work that way honey
Me: I dunno, I have a lot of duct tape
Dee: If you were going to kidnap me you’d have to use gaff tape
Me: Because it’s more expensive and therefore it’s a higher class of kidnapping?
Dee: No, becasue it leaves no sticky residue
Me: So you wouldn’t be mad at me for kidnapping you, but you’d be mad about sticky residue?
Dee: Totally.
(Later, we recount the conversation to Dee’s husband, and then)
Dee: So I could forgive her for the kidnapping, because that’s understandable, but not for sticky residue.
Chad: I don’t know, I might have a problem with the kidnapping
Dee: Yeah, but you know where she lives, and her door isn’t all that thick
Me: (referring to a friend of all of ours who once woke up to Chad standing in the middle of her living room looking for Dee) At least my door has a lock on it
Chad: I have an axe
Me: I wasn’t saying that the lock would stop you, but it’d at least take effort…
So needless to say, I did not kidnap her and she’s still moving away. I am still not okay with this, but if she has to move, better to keep my door intact.