A call to the Universe

I’m a fairly sensitive person, but I don’t often cry over the plights of people I don’t know. Hallmark, Kleenex, and Walgreen’s commercials, sure, Grey’s Anatomy almost every week, but not news stories about people I’ve never met.
Until today.
Today there are two things. One is the tragic accident that resulted in the death of the daughter of contemporary Christian recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman. I’m not going to write about that much here, but please, if you have children, hug them extra close tonight.
The other is closer to me, no pun intended. There is a massive wildfire burning in the Santa Cruz mountains, close enough that if the wind blew in the right direction, I’d be able to smell the smoke from my house. I live far enough away that my home will be safe, and so will most everyone I know, but there are people out there at this very moment losing everything they have, if they haven’t already.
According to the news it is very hard to get fire insurance in that area, so many people losing everything have no real hope of regaining what they’ve lost. A fledgling winery has burned, a cottage whose owner just put the finishing touches on it two days ago, people’s pets are missing. Owners and volunteers have managed to save 260 horses and take them to an evacuation area at a local fairground.
Please, if you’re the praying kind, ask your God or Higher Power to be with this situation. Light a candle, send good thoughts out to the universe, or something else of the kind. For the people whose homes are lost, for the people hoping it won’t be them next, and perhaps most especially, for the teams of firefighters coming from all over the state, that they will contain this blaze and stay safe doing it.