Said today:

Can I have your tickets to the next home game so that I can go find whoever is responsible for this abomination of a trade and punch them in the face?

2 thoughts on “Said today:

  1. Tiffany Marshall

    Hi there…first off I wanted to introduce myself…Hi. I’m Tiffany, I am going to be making your triptych from swap-bot. Now that that’s done…I LOVE hockey too. I know these damn teams are getting ready for the playoffs and swapping our guys left and right…friggle fraggle fruppin’ butts…we lost Freddie Sjostrom, and some other guys, who did you lose? I think it’s great that you played hockey, you are brave. My husband plays and wants me to join the adult league, I’m afraid I’ll break something. It is great exercise tho, lord knows I need it. Well, I will be thinkin’ about you and what to make for your “goodie”.
    Take care,
    Rowan Willow (artist/alter ego)
    aka Tiffany

  2. Tiffany Marshall

    Ok…so I’m a complete dork…I got confused and thought you were from my OTHER swap…I will be making you a CD…NOT a triptych (unless you want one of those too). So sorry for being a true blonde! :0)

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