Things that bug me, except for when they don’t

Okay, so anyone who has been around here for a while knows I have some pretty strange quirks. I can almost never order something right off a menu, I always have to change something around because of one food pickiness or another. Though I have gotten a lot better about it. Even Keegan says so, and he’s the one who teases me about it the hardest. I also have to put my left sock on first, though it doesn’t matter which shoe I put on first.
There are certain things that totally bug me, or that just totally squick me out, generally for no good reason other than that I’m a weirdo, which I totally blame on being dropped on my head as a baby. (Explains a lot, doesn’t it?)
So, people who are missing teeth… It just freaks me the eff out. Including both my sister and my best friend. Except for this guy I know, and was good friends with when we were in our early 20s. He was missing a tooth and it took me like, 2 years to notice. And it was a canine, so it’s not like it was just in the back of his mouth and easy to miss. Apparently it had just never grown in. He had a retainer with a prosthetic tooth attached to it, but he rarely wore it by the time I met him. He had really good oral hygiene, which probably had something to do with my not noticing. If you look like your tooth rotted out of your head, keep your mouth the hell away from me. And also, except hockey players, because, well, yeah.
And even I have no idea why, but if your bed is a mattress on the floor- um. No. Pass Go and do not collect $200, instead, collect a damn bed frame. I don’t know why this bugs me, but it does. You don’t have to have a headboard, but your bed has to be raised off the floor. Oddly, I have friends whose bed is a mattress and box spring on the floor. They got sick of breaking bed frames with all the sex. I can get behind that logic. And they have a headboard, which maybe helps.
There are other things that bug me, but the ones I can think of are the ones that bug most people, like kids not in carseats or allowed to run amok in restaurants (I used to babysit this little girl, and I’d go on vacations with the family to watch her, and they let her run around the restaurant and it nearly killed me. And I was only 13 then. (Said little girl is not so little anymore and is in fact getting married in less than a month, but that is a whole ‘nother post)). Actually, there are a lot of things I see parents do that makes me want to shake them, but since I don’t have kids yet we’ll just leave those alone. Ooooh, and people who don’t hold doors for other people, especially if said other people have their hands full.
Anyway, I’m done now. Back to gathering up paperwork to get my fix-it ticket signed off on. Which maybe I’ll tell you about later.

One thought on “Things that bug me, except for when they don’t

  1. shan

    Everyone has quirks … me I like things straight. I restack papers that arent mine and I dont even know I’m doing it – heh.

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