We don’t have casual Friday where I work. We have “Casual My Boss Is Out” days. Today was one of them, and I wore my new jeans and “road tested” them. They’re super comfortable. I avoided stretch denim *for years*, but some of what is out there now is nice. Looks and feels like real denim, just lighter weight with a little bit of give. When I worked in retail stretch denim was this hideous substance that was cut like a stretch pant and not like a jean, and, well, I can’t even describe it because of the whole “my eyes, MY EYES!” factor that kept me from ever really looking at it.
When I was shopping for new jeans last night, I was having trouble finding my size, so I asked one of the salesladies to look in the back for me. She did, but didn’t find anything. Then she asked if I had looked at the elastic waist jeans.
Beat. Beat.
No, I didn’t. Those? Are not jeans. Those are evil with topstitching. Jeans have a zipper and a button and pockets. Being the size I am doesn’t allow for much fashion snobbery, but I will wear a powder blue tuxedo before I will wear jeans-wannabes.