Day 318: New Jeans

Day 318: New Jeans

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Not the greatest picture of them, but my old jeans are falling apart and held up with string, so it was time. I really need a belt now. These were way more than I’d generally pay for jeans- $65 a pair- but they were the only ones the store had in my size. (They were really low on jeans) I got two pair because they were buy one get one half off, and since I needed them anyway, it made me feel like I was spending less.

What is it about women and that logic? We all seem to do it.

But I feel good in them. Other people in the store said they looked amazing. I know that the wide straight leg works well for me in slacks for work, so why not in jeans as well? I just need some tall shoes…

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  1. Kay

    Hi Judy. You look great in those jeans and I must say I like the sweater, too. I bought some new dudes myself before I went to a reunion. Somehow getting something new and up-to-date does wonders for our health, wouldn’t you say?

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