For those keeping score, the cat is still not quite right. He does seem to be improving slowly though, which is a great relief to me- and most likely to him as well. He’s still living in my bathroom (which is larger than most) because I don’t trust him yet not to pee on stuff he shouldn’t. The dilemma I’m faced with with that is that he’s returning to his snuggly, sociable, purring self, rather than the sulky “mama don’t touch me” hider that he’s been since bringing him home from the ICU, and I want to encourage that, but I don’t really want him on my bed. So, we compromised.
I gathered pillows and one of Julie’s blankets, set my laptop up on a low stool, and sat on the (carpeted) floor of the bathroom watching online episodes of The Class, while snuggling the cat. It wasn’t ideal, but it was pretty damned awesome.

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