So over it

So, the damn cat is still sick, and I think he just might kill me. I feel bad calling him “the damn cat” but dude. I miss my cat. My cat purrs when I pet him, sleeps in my bed at night, and makes me smile. Right now he’s sulky because he doesn’t feel well, and I have to keep him locked in the bathroom because he can’t control where and when he pees. He seemed like he was doing better yesterday so I let him out of the bathroom to sleep with me, which resulted in my quilt, sheets and pajamas getting thrown in the washing machine at 1:30 in the morning. My featherbed needs to be professionally cleaned.
Any guesses as to where we went today? If you guessed “the vet” you win! What do you win you ask? Yeah, that’d be a hearty pat on the back given the vet and cleaning bills I’m racking up over here. He’s got a fever and they suspect a UTI. They wanted to put him on Metacam and I said no. The vet even admitted that it is a risky and potentially dangerous drug, but it has the best chance of making him better. Instead he’s back on a medication he just finished, and a separate pain medication.
I’m feeling a little bit guilty for refusing to give him the Metacam, because the two times I gave it to him it really did seem to help him, and so far what we did today hasn’t stopped him from peeing on the floor. I’m just so frustrated with this entire situation. It kills me that I can’t make him better.

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