(I started drafting this like, 2 weeks ago, but never finished it)
I just had a thought, and I thought, instead of just IMing it to a friend and saying, “I just had this thought, and it is [insert thought here]. I should post about that,” that I should just post it first.
One of my mini pet peeves is the use of the word Bible for anything other than the actual Bible. I know it’s a made up word mishmashed from a greek origin, like most of the words in the English language, but still. Used in context, the Bible is a collection of writings essential to living a Godly life. If you don’t happen to believe that, that’s fine. But if you don’t believe in the Bible as “The Bible”, don’t use that word for other books. A search on Amazon for “bible” pulls up three pages of items. Other than the expected related religious texts, there is The Crystal Bible, The Barbeque Bible, The Sales Bible, The Produce Bible, The Cake Bible, The Wine Bible and The Little Cookie Bible. Why is this acceptable? There’s no “Wine Torah”. There’s no “Produce Koran”. It’s only a mini-peeve, but it still bugs me.
That said, I have absolutely no problem calling the Stanley Cup “The Holy Grail of Hockey”. Maybe because the Holy Grail is a legend, and not the basis for my spiritual life, but still. I am amused that one bothers me so much and one doesn’t.